Friday, August 14, 2009

East Valley Runners

Tuesday August 22, 2009 Dr. Rae was asked to speak to the East Valley Runners club.  He spoke with them about joint health and common running injuries.  He performed some functional movement assessments on a few runners to demonstrate how certain joint restrictions and muscle imbalances can limit performance and lead to injury.  The East Valley Runners club was a great audience, and Dr. Rae looks forward to speaking with them again.


In order to save the Kings organization time and money, Dr Rae continued to provided physicals in his office on August 8, 2009.  

Kenny King Physicals

The Kings tackle football team was able to take advantage of Dr. Rae's efficient sports physicals August 1st.  Between Dr. Rae and another doctor they were able to provide over 80 physicals!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Once again Dr. Rae has had the privilege of helping with a fundraiser for local youth football players.  This time he helped the Arizona Competitive Youth Football League by donating funds from players physicals to the league.  You can find more about the ACYFL by clicking here.


On July 18, 2009 Dr. Rae was invited to speak at the Arizona Competitive Youth Football League coaches meeting about dehydration and injury prevention.  Dehydration is of particular concern here in Arizona, and many of the coaches had a lot of questions about how to best prevent their players from being effected.  He also spoke about the best ways to prevent injuries.  One of the techniques he talked about is a dynamic warm up rather than stretching before games and practices.  

Mesa High School

Dr. Rae was invited to speak with the Mesa High Jackrabbits football team on July 17, 2009.  He did a presentation on kinesio tape.  Many of the football players were impressed by the benefits of kinesio tape and hope to take advantage of Dr. Rae's certification during their upcoming season.

Physicals for the CRUSH

On July 15, 2009 Dr. Rae helped the CRUSH with another fundraiser.  He provided physicals for team members donating the cost of the physicals back to the team.  Dr. Rae and his staff with the CRUSH a great football season.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday, Dr. Rae helped the ACYFL Crush football team by participating in a fundraiser.  Dr. Rae provided physicals for the football and cheerleading team at their uniform fitting.  You can catch Dr. Rae helping the Crush out again on July 15th.  (location TBA) 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ironman World Championships

Dr. Rae was invited to traveled to Kona, Hawaii providing ART treatment to athletes in order to prepare them for the Ironman World Championships.  
You can learn more about ART by clicking here.
Here Dr. Rae is pictured with other ART staff whom also worked the transition tent, and as medical personnel at the finish line treating for various medical needs.
Along with most athletes, Dr. Rae survived a 7.0 earthquake right off the shores of Kona that sent the island into a panic.  Buildings and hospitals were destroyed making for difficult conditions during the race.